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KitchenAid demo December 2017


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Seafood and Shanty, Ballycotton, Sunday 5th June


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Wild garlic in Ballycotton May 2016


Mc Adams kitchens May 2016- Neff cookery demonstration


Bosch demonstration at Ideal Home show, RDS April 2016


May 2016. Ottolenghi at Ballymaloe cookery school. Litfest 2016


Jan Feb Food & Wine

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Novemeber 2015 -New Fishing Pics!


female with V notch in tail and full of roe returning to water


July/August 2015 Food and Wine magazine


Chef Stuart O'Keeffe


lobster or crab for supper!


Handsome GAA helper in the kitchen today!


Ruth and Roz teamed up to do cookery leesons!


So happy to be back to where it all started, in Ballymaloe Cookery school, Shanagarry, Co Cork


Opening of the Design Yard


Paul Hollywood and Ruth - November 2103 in Kitchen Complements

Rachel Allen and Ruth in Dundrum town centre

November 2013

I recently had some material published by Food & Wine magzine . Click on PDF articles below

Food & Wine segment


April 2013

I am excited to take on an exciting new aspect to demonstrations. I will be doing my first demonstration in the Diabetes clinic in St James hospital on the 11th April 2013, they have a purpose built demonstration kitchen so we hope to put it to good use with exciting recipes being prepared. The hospital are managing the bookings and they have proven very successful, becoming a regular event.

 I recently did 2 demonstrations in houseworks with Rachel Allen, the first to say good bye to the ‘celtic tiger’ showrooms!  They were just too large, the demonstration kitchen was relocated to the smaller showrooms where we did a second demonstration.  Houseworks are still in the same location but just on a smaller scale.

Ruth and Rachel with Bettina and Barbara from little Italy

I was very excited by the response to Thermomix in the recent Catex exhibition in the RDS where I demonstrated it for 3 days.  Sometimes trade shows can drag, this one flew which is a good sign.  I have more recently demonstrated it in UCD in the Science block in the food centre where we made a processed cheese!
I now have Thermomix in all the big cookery schools – Ballymaloe now has 4 and I demonstrate it on the certificate course.  Dublin Cookery school and Cooks Academy both have them too and I demonstrate it in these schools regularly.

I have also teamed up with Little Italy in Smithfield – a wonderful shop which brings me back to Italy, they kindly supply me with Italian ingredients for my cookery demonstrations – I highly recommend a visit to their shop, the range is fantastic and the prices are much less than in supermarkets.  It is all made very easy by the fact that there is a large car park!


I recently had some material published by Food & Wine magzine. Click on PDF articles below

Food & Wine segment - November 2012


September 2012 - Irish Times Article

Cooking with couverture 

If you don’t have a gang of children to use as your excuse for a visit to the Butlers Chocolate Visitors’ Centre in Clonshaugh, Dublin 17, you could sign up for one of the new cooking with chocolate classes being given by Ruth Wassel. You’ll get to see eight or nine recipes being cooked,while you sip a glass of Prosecco and sample some chocolate. The classes cost €40 and can be booked by emailing or by telephone: 01-671 0599. Next Friday the company launches a range of couverture chocolates specially made for cooking. Just the thing to stock up on before TV3’s The Great Irish Bake-Off kicks off this autumn. You can buy it from Butlers Chocolate Cafés and online at, €5 for a 300g pack.

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Cooking with Ruth Wassell

September 2012 - Butlers Coffee Shop Flyer

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August 2012 - Food & Wine Articles - UPDATED

I recently had some material published by Food & Wine magzine. Click on PDF articles below

Food & Wine segment - September 2012

August 2012 - Food & Wine Articles

I recently had some material published by Food & Wine magzine. Click on PDF articles below

Food & Wine segment - June 2012

Food & Wine Pork Shoot segment - May 2012


August 2012 - Dylan McGrath & Masterchef Thermomix

Recently I had the chance to show Dylan McGrath, Irish celebrity chef of Masterchef fame, the power of the Thermomix. He was so impressed with it that he decided to incorporate it into Masterchef and it will feature on the autumn series of Masterchef Ireland on RTE. It also regularly features on the UK version of Masterchef, along with Saturday Kitchens with James Martin, both on the BBC.

Dylan is one of Ireland most innovative and zealous chefs with a keen eye for presentation and fiery passion for flavour. He throws his all into every dish he makes and he understands the importance of precision and getting the most out of your ingredients to construct the perfect dish. Needless to say, he saw how the Thermomix could fit seamlessly into his kitchen at The Rustic Stone and could add a whole new dimension of cooking to Masterchef.

October 2011 - Irish Times Article - Food File

Cooking with Ruth Wassell

...Be prepared to be impressed! 

Chef and TV presenter Andrew Rudd isn’t used to losing his audience’s attention, but at a recent cookery demonstration he was giving, quite a few of us found our focus veering away from his tips on easy entertaining towards a magical machine he was using. It chopped up vegetables, sweated them, cooked them through and blended them into a super-smooth pea and mint soup...

The über-gadget was a Thermomix, a German-designed machine that weighs, chops, grates, whisks, blends, kneads, cooks and steams. Although it is intended for domestic use, professional kitchens have really taken to the machine, which is about the size of a small bread maker, as it allows chefs to make silky soups and sauces without any stirring or straining. “It’s the one piece of equipment I’d miss most; it’s in heavy use all day here,” says Mickael Viljanen, of Gregans Castle in Co Clare, who is the Restaurants Association of Ireland chef of the year 2011. “I have several German guys in the kitchen, and they say their mothers all have them. I’ll be buying one for home as well.” Almost all professional kitchens have at least one, and they are exactly the same as those sold for domestic use.

Ballymaloe-trained Ruth Wassel is one of a team of cooks who do in-store and at-home demonstrations of the Thermomix (telephone 01-4845624 for a full list). She does regular demos at Houseworks on Upper Erne Street in Dublin 2 (see for dates). If you get four interested parties together, she will do the demonstration in your kitchen. “But the rule is, no wine, it’s not a dinner party. Try telling that to Irish people, in their own homes,” she says.

In the high-spec kitchen at Houseworks, Wassel uses the Thermomix to knock up pizza dough in four minutes flat, makes Hollandaise sauce in the same time, and a velvety red pepper soup, that you would swear was laced with cream but has none, in just a few minutes more. It truly is a wonder. So why don’t we all have them? At €995 it’s an expensive piece of kit, but there are staged-payment options available. See for more information.

Read the full Irish Times Article here

October 2011 - Mary Carney wins MasterChef Ireland

Cooking with Ruth Wassell

Judges Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier selected Mary for the title over fellow finalists 28-year-old Bridin Carey from Co Tipperary and 37-year-old Mike Curran from Limerick.

28-year-old Carney from Waterford wowed McGrath and Munier with her final three-course meal serving a warm lobster salad, squab pigeon which seemed to particularly impress and a summer berry plate. Mary, who is a telecommunications policy and strategy advisor with a large telecommunications company, credits her mother with teaching her how to cook.