Private Appliance and kitchen advice

Planning your dream kitchen, but confused by all the appliances out there?

Let me help you as I am aware how confusing this can be! We can sit down, discuss how you like to cook and come up with the best solution. I am up to date with all appliances on the market.  I believe it is important to do this before planning your kitchen, rather than the other way around! If you know what appliances you want to put in to your kitchen it is much easier for the designer to get on with your plan, rather than choosing the appliances in as an afterthought. The kitchen is the hub of most homes and is usually the room most used.  The appliances play a big role in the kitchen after the cook of course!

I can also look over your kitchen plan to see if it could be improved on as a working kitchen before you sign off on the final plan. Besides being a cook and a mother and having worked in the kitchen business for over 10 years, I know how to read a kitchen plan and can visualise it working (or not!). There are so many things you can unknowingly overlook, it could be something as simple as moving a bin but it is worth it if you get it right rather than it annoying you every time you use it after installation. I recently oversaw a large kitchen in Kinsale where I made a few simple changes and the client was surprised they had not thought of these themselves but were so delighted with the outcome which could so easily have been overlooked.

More recently I have been appointed as the Bora chef/ambassador for Ireland and do regular cookery demonstrations for them around the country and in London.

The Bora cooktop extractor has opened up completely new design options, simplified kitchen architecture and the extractor hood can be eliminated.  All Bora extraction is consistent with the basic principles of fluid mechanics, it is nothing more than applied physics, using a cross-flow which is faster than the speed at which the cooking vapour rises.

The BORA principle

1. An extractor in the centre of the cooktop, maximising air purity
2. Strong cross-flow is more effective that upward extraction
3. No visual or acoustic interference
4. Also suitable for complex space solutions which cannot accommodate extractor hoods
5. Three different variants of the same principle for different customers
6. Premium materials, perfect workmanship, made in Germany and Austria
7. Developed by retailers for retailers